Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clippings: 7.29.09

The seemingly moribund newspaper industry is saving space by cutting puzzles.

Speaking of which, baseball writer Joe Posnanski has a great blog on the future of newspapers.

In the latest edition of The Reading Teacher, Lisa Zawilinski makes a case for student blogging in elementary classrooms.

UCLA's slang dictionary makes me feel like a "didiot." Perhaps I'm just getting old.

Get in the Game - Read!! is a great compendium of sports books for kids.

And Deborah Ruf argues that gifted children learn to read much differently than others.

(Photo by Flickr user Gord McKenna. Thanks!)


  1. Hi!
    Found this article today. Thought you might be interested:

  2. I am interested! And a bit conflicted. I HATE PowerPoint, but I am generally in favor of tech in the classroom. This looks like something I will definitely discuss further. Thanks, Stacie!!