Monday, July 27, 2009

New Feature: Cross Words

I have become addicted to crossword puzzles. I am supposed to be doing classwork, planning a wedding, and paying attention to my fiance, but the only thing that seems to interest me these days is putting letters in little boxes.

In order to justify this behavior, I thought I should highlight crossword puzzles' vocabulary-building power. So, I am starting a new series called Cross Words. These will be posts highlighting words that I learned while attempting to solve these infernal little puzzles. They will include links to and, two essential vocabulary-building websites.

Entry #1, jape, can be found below. Enjoy!

(Photo by Flickr user Jessie Whittle. Thanks, Jessie!)


  1. Hi, Brian!
    Which paper's puzzle do you like best? When we lived in MT I could do the daily NEA puzzle no sweat as it was a small, easy puzzle that ran on the comics page, but the Sunday paper here has the LA Times puzzle and I am pretty hopeless there.

    Have you seen the film _Wordplay_ ? I get NPR's Sunday Puzzler with Will Shortz on iTunes.

  2. Stacie,

    I attempt to do the New York Times puzzle every day. Like life, it gets more difficult as the week goes on.

    I have recently decided that I absolutely must see Wordplay.

    I get the Sunday Puzzler podcast too! I like to play it during road trips so friends can join in.

    Here is a great blog about the L.A. Times puzzle. I read Rex's take on the NYT puzzle every day.

    Thanks for the comment, Stacie!