Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Every Test Is A Reading Test

I was perusing Teacher Magazine's Blog Board and found a link to a great blog called Learn Me Good, written by "Mister Teacher," a 3rd Grade math teacher in Texas. He is preparing his students for their standardized tests and notes that after 3rd Grade, students may not ask for questions to be read or explained to them, even if they are English language learners. He notes:

So what it comes down to is that these kids are taking a series of reading tests. Some of them are ABOUT math or ABOUT science, but they don't strictly assess those subject areas as much as they assess whether or not the child can read the questions, some of which are highly complicated.

Mister Teacher is referring to the rules in Texas; I am sure they vary from state to state. In any event, his point has a lot to say about the importance of literacy and the pitfalls of assessing our students with standardized tests.

Again, Learn Me Good is a really good education blog; if you like math, funny t-shirts, or insights like the one above, check it out.

(Picture: "Testing" - CC)


  1. Hey Brian,

    Thanks for the nod! My kids took the test day (thankfully WITH reading assistance), so I can only cross my fingers and wait!

  2. Brian-

    Your point is exactly correct not only through high school, but through college and post graduate studies. The ability to read and comprehend quickly is essential to success at all levels of education, regardless of the subject.

    Thanks for your insight!