Thursday, April 9, 2009

Web Resource: Storyline Online

In my "Jumping Off" post featuring Jen Robinson's Book Page, I mentioned Storyline Online, where you can watch videos of SAG members reading children's books. SAG is The Screen Actors Guild, which runs the site in conjunction with its Book Pals program.

I don't know if watching Bradley Whitford (of West Wing fame) read a story would be as inspiring to a young reader as it was to me, but I got chills. Because of the site's layout, I can't provide links to individual stories. But I can list a few of the highlights for you. The URL is Here are some highlights:
  • James Earl Jones reading To Be A Drum, by Evelyn Coleman
  • Al Gore reading Brave Irene, by William Steig
  • Sean Astin reading A Bad Case of Stripes, by David Shannon
  • Elijah Wood reading Me And My Cat?, by Satoshi Kitamura
  • Camryn Manheim reading Enemy Pie, by Derek Munson
  • And.... Hillary Duff reading Romeow & Drooliet, by Nina Laden
Each video is accompanied by a long list of activities that can accompany reading/listening. You can also download a PDF "Activity Guide" with information about the book, a biography of the reader, and related internet resources.


  1. I used three of these stories with my 8th graders this week to focus on theme. They listened and watched with the most rapt attention I have seen all year. Even older students love children's books, and they love to be read to. I plan on using the site much more next year.

  2. That's wonderful, Jolene! Please keep us posted on which ones they like and how you use it.

    I figured if it held my attention so well, it would work on younger kids. I'm glad it did!